Dr. Amanda Wood is a licensed clinical psychologist in the states of Arizona and California. She is an expert in the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of individuals with a variety of social, cognitive, and developmental delays. She is dedicated to advocating and educating parents, the community, and professionals 
regarding the best practices in the field. 

Her passion for serving this population 
began when she was working as a therapist 
with triplets diagnosed with autism, while 
pursuing her undergraduate degree in 
psychology. Dr. Wood continued her studies 
of developmental disorders while earning her 
master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical 
psychology from Pepperdine University. 
She completed her pre-doctoral internship 
at the May Institute and postdoctoral 
training in autism spectrum disorders at 
The Help Group in Los Angeles, California.

Throughout her career, Dr. Wood has 
garnered specialized training and experience 
in psychological and diagnostic assessment, 
behavioral and cognitive behavioral intervention, social skills development, school consultation, and parent training. Dr. Wood uses empirically validated and individualized treatment methods to assist each client, ensuring that each reaches his or her fullest potential. Ultimately, Dr. Wood believes that the most effective approach is the one to which the client responds. 

Another area of expertise is in the             administration of standardized assessments to individuals who may be described as uncooperative or noncompliant. Young children may be deemed “untestable” as a result of engaging in challenging behaviors during the testing session. However, Dr.Wood's unique knowledge and experience of social-cognitive disorders and managing challenging behavior allows her to succeed in testing these individuals.

After all these years, my daily inspiration still comes from 
how each child teaches me how to teach them.
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